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We provide specialized corporate litigation services, with expertise in securities and shareholder rights, class action and derivative litigation, intellectual property, including trademark and copyright infringement disputes, corporate contract and fraud disputes, and director and officer liability and breach of fiduciary duty actions.  We also prosecute and defend labor and individual civil rights litigation.


The Practice

"Yes.  Hire John Ray.  He did his research.  He knew how to apply his knowledge.  His mere presence scared the crap out of the lawyers across the table.  He managed our expectations.  He then exceeded our expectations.  Paying him saved us more money than we would have had to pay without him.  Please do yourself the favor of working with him."  Victor Varnado, Supreme Robot Pictures (Intellectual Property and Breach of Contract Dispute.  Posted June 26, 2020)

"Look no further!  John is a phenomenal attorney, and truly shows care for his clients.  We will always turn to John for any of our legal needs.  Thank you John!"   Robert Gellman, RGA Enterprises, Inc. (Copyright Infringement Dispute.  Posted December 13, 2019)

"John offers strong legal advice, while being equally amazing at his practice.  He helped us out of a tough legal situation and I trust him to meet my future legal needs."   Uchenna Ngwudo, Cee Cee's Closet NY, LLC (Copyright Litigation.  Posted October 8, 2019)

"When I received the proposal from John and he had experience in the exact area I was looking for I was very impressed, excited and relieved!!  John Ray is extremely knowledgeable and explains your best options without making me feel talked down to or rushed.  He provided me with an extremely thorough consultation so from our very first conversation I knew he was the attorney for me!  John shared various scenarios and allowed my input in his decisions if they were fitting.  He resolved my situation very quickly and with ease so it is all behind me now.  I am 110% confident in John’s work and highly recommend him without any reservation.  I am grateful to have had such a wonderful, positive experience working with John and look forward to continuing to work with him for all of my non-profit and trademark needs."  Sandy Dorsey, Smiles for Speech, Inc. (Copyright Infringement Dispute. Posted Aug. 18, 2019)

"John is a true professional who gets results.  Highly recommended."  Bora Celik, Jukely, Inc. (Copyright Litigation. Posted Apr. 8, 2019)

"John is extremely helpful with all matters that come our way.  John is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Will definitely work with John again!"  Matthew Parker, Celebrity Insider (Copyright Infringement Dispute.  Posted Feb. 21, 2019)

"Fast turnaround!  Great experience."  Michael Bonfigli, FSA Store, Inc. (Trademark Registration. Posted Jul. 23, 2018)

"Let it be known that John Ray gets the job done!"  Penny McClurg, HVAC Part Supplier, Inc. (Corporate Unfair Competition Dispute. Posted Jul. 5, 2018)


"John Ray was quick to respond to our inquiry and was very helpful in assisting us with a legal issue."  Scott Beale, Laughing Squid, LLC (Copyright Infringement Demand. Posted Jul. 1, 2016)


"John is a pleasure to work with.  ... [He] is a truly talented litigator.  He works with you to make every aspect understandable and to ensure you are informed of any and everything that is taking place. ... John is intelligent, articulate and works to resolve issues quickly."  Rodney Steele, DinsmoreSteele, LLC (Partnership Agreement Litigation. Posted May 31 and Mar. 4, 22, 2016)


"Mr. Ray is very knowledgeable, prompt and extremely helpful. He spends the time to explain your options and do a thorough consult."  Dr. Anushka Gaglani, TrueBlu Dentistry, P.C. (Trademark Cease & Desist. Posted Feb. 22, 2016)


"Mr. Ray's expertise, alacrity, and careful attention to our legal needs and concerns were nothing short of extraordinary.  He possesses a brilliant mind capable of clearly explaining every possible option and its potential consequences.  And he clearly has a compassionate heart as well that cares deeply for the well-being of his clients.  Mr. Ray performed above and beyond the call of duty to alleviate our anxieties and provide a direct path towards resolving our legal issues.  I highly recommend Mr. Ray without equivocation."  Virgil Wong, Medical Avatar, LLC (Contract Dispute. Posted on Feb. 17, 2016)

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Recent Cases:

Chow Vending, LLC v. Homechow Food Serv. Enters., Inc., et al., No. 2024-0017414-CV (Ga. Sup. Ct. 2024) (representing corporate and individual defendants in breach of vending service contract and partnership agreement).

Moore v. Gen. Contractors Ill. Inc., No. 2024-L-000892 (Ill. Sup. Ct. 2024) (representing corporate defendant in commercial builder breach of contract litigation).


Gupta v. Siaw, et al., No. 2019-CH-06800 (Ill. Cir. Ct. 2019) (transferred to Law Division); Gupta, et al. v. Siaw, et al., No. 2023-CH-009109 (Ill. Cir. Ct. 2023) (transferred to Law Division); Gupta v. Siaw, et al., No. 1-23-1461 (Ill. App. Ct. 2023) consolidated with Gupta v. Siaw, et al., No. 1-23-2051 (Ill. App. Ct. 2023) (representing intervenor trustee, corporate and and individual citation respondents in supplementary proceedings, litigation and interlocutory appeals seeking to invade trust assets and foreclosure distributional membership interest).

Testa v. StrattyX, Inc., et al., No. 2081CV00785 (Mass. Sup. 2020) (representing defendant corporation and officers in founder's equity, wage and hour and misappropriate of trade secrets litigation).

Merzlyakov v. 4D Reality, Inc., et al., No. 20-CV-00085-JVS-ADS (C.D. Cal. 2020) (representing plaintiff shareholder, officer and director in closely-held corporation dispute, alleging various breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment and fraud).

Am. Graphics Instit., LLC v. Noble Desktop NYC, LLC, No. 2081CV03138 (Mass Sup. 2020); Noble Desktop NYC, LLC v. Am. Graphics Instit., LLC, Index No. 656677/20 (NY Sup. 2020); Am. Graphics Instit., LLC v. Noble Desktop NYC, LLC, et al., No. 2284CV01332 (Mass Sup. 2022); Am. Graphics Instit., LLC v. Noble Desktop NYC, LLC, et al., No. 2023-P-0313 (Mass. App. Ct. 2023) (representing corporation and officer in breach of contract, non-competition, and misappropriation of trade secrets dispute).

Am. Graphics Insti., LLC v. Noble Desktop NYC, LLC, No. 22-CV-11404 (D. Mass. 2022) (representing defendant corporation in copyright and trademark infringement action).

Floesser v. Belmont Instrument Corp., et al., No. 1877-CV-00191 (Mass. Sup. 2018); BIC Holdings Corp., Inc. v. Floesser, No. 1877-CV-00316 (Mass Sup. 2018); Floesser v. Belmont Instrument Corp., et al., No. 2024-P-0227 (Mass. App. Ct. 2024) (representing corporate controller and minority shareholder in closely held corporation litigation and appeal, including defending breach of fiduciary duty claims).

Otter Creek Shopping Center, LLC v. NE Capital Group BSD, LLC, No. 2020L00785 (Ill. Cir. 2020); Otter Creek Shopping Center, LLC v. NE Capital Group BSD, LLC, No. 1-23-1094 (Ill. App. Ct. 2023) (represented defendant in breach of contract and material adverse change clause litigation and appeal in connection with commercial sales and purchase agreement).

Palmetto Solar, LLC v. Dvinci Energy, Inc., et al., No. 2020-0920-JTL (Del. Ch. 2020) (represented defendant corporation and officer against breach of confidentiality agreement and misappropriation action). 

Wilferd v. Digital Equity, LLC, et al., No. 20-CV-01955 (N.D. Ga. 2020) (represented plaintiff investor in breach of contract, fiduciary duty and elder financial abuse litigation over domain

Stronghill Capital, LLC v. Austin Multi Portfolio LLC, et al., No. 2022-CH-02272 (Ill. Cir. 2022) (representing defendant corporation in rental real estate property foreclosure and receiver litigation).

Allianz Underwriters Insurance Co. v. Urban Renewal Real Estate & Construction, Inc., et al., No. 2021-CH-04507 (Ill. Cir.. 2022) (represented defendant corporation in insurance coverage dispute).

Medline Industries, LP v. Progress Mobility, LLC, et al., No. 2022-L-001825 (Ill. Cir. 2022) (represented defendant corporation in breach of contract litigation).

McQueen Saba v. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, No. 20-CV-10408-WGY (D. Mass. 2020) (represented plaintiff in racial discrimination and retaliation action).

Kid Car NY, LLC v. Kidmoto Techs. LLC, et al., No. 19-CV-07929 (S.D.N.Y. 2019) (represented corporate and individual defendants in trademark and copyright infringement action).

Capital Credit Inc. v. Mainspring Am. Inc. and Services, Inc., No. 19-CV-797-LY (W.D. Tex. 2019) (represented defendant corporation in factoring fraud and breach of contract dispute).

United Natural Foods, Inc. v. Cutting Edge Int'l, LLC, et al., No. PC-2019-11970 (R.I. Sup. Ct. 2019) (represented defendant corporation and individual corporate officer in breach of contract action).

•  Ray & Counsel successfully prosecutes 10-day breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty jury trial in Essex Superior Court against team of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP attorneys and secures $709.977.07 judgment, while at the same time successfully defends against $42 million breach of fiduciary duty counterclaim supported by StoneTurn Group LLP experts, in Floesser v. Belmont Instrument Corp., No. 1877-CV-00191 consolidated with 1877-CV-00316 (Mass. Sup. 2018).

•. Ray & Counsel successfully defends multi-million dollar trust and trustee against attempts to invade spendthrift trust assets, defeating preliminary injunction motion and fraudulent conveyance claims, as well as securing attorney's fees for wrongful attachment, and prevailing on motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction over New York resident respondent, in Gupta, et al. v. Siaw, et al., No. 2019-CH0-6800 (Ill. Cir. Ct. 2019).

•. Ray & Counsel successfully secures motion to dismiss to compel arbitration of successive complaint filed in the District of Massachusetts, in Am. Graphics Inst., LLC v. Noble Desktop NYC, LLC, No. 22-CV-11404-ADB, 2023 WL 4826936 (D. Mass. July 27, 2023).

•  Ray & Counsel successfully prosecutes breach of contract and fiduciary duty American Arbitration Association trial before former U.S. S.D.N.Y District Court Judge Shira A. Scheindlin secures $681,260.14 judgment, and successfully defends against proceedings to vacate the award, Am. Graphics Instit., LLC v. Noble Desktop, NYC, LLC, et al., No. 2284CV01332 (Mass. Sup. Ct. 2022), including securing confirmation the award, ex parte attachment of opposing party's bank accounts and an an ordered deposit of the full award to secure the judgment, as well as award of attorney's fees. 

•  Ray & Counsel successfully defends against civil contempt entered against corporate defendant in appeal to Illinois Appellate Court, in City of Chicago v. Bryan, 2022 IL App (1st) 211074.

•  Ray & Counsel successfully defends settlement agreement in intellectual property dispute against challenge in First Circuit appeal.  See Commonwealth Sch., Inc. v. Commonwealth Acad. Holdings LLC, 994 F.3d 77 (1st Cir. 2021).

•  Ray & Counsel successfully prosecutes and secures $10,000,000 judgment in pro bono college rape case, in Traylor v. Williams, No. 2020-L-000028 (Ill. Sup. Ct. 2020).

•  Ray & Counsel successfully defends against motion to dismiss, in breach of contract and fraud action, including claims under the California Elder Abuse Statute, against defendants in Georgia, arising out of defendants Khuram Dhanani and Digital Equity, LLC's alleged misconduct in acquiring and selling from plaintiff.  See Wilferd v. Digital Equity, LLC, et al., No. 1:20-CV-01955-SDG, 2020 WL 6827905 (N.D. Ga. Nov. 20, 2020).

•. Rosie Manins, Former Wine Website Owners Fight Over Sale In Fraud Suit,, (Oct. 14, 2020),

John H. Ray III of Ray & Counsel PC, representing Wilferd, said she transferred the website to Digital Equity for $50,000 because Dhanani led her to believe she would get half the net profits, excluding expenses, once it had been developed by him and sold. He said this was outlined in a profit-sharing agreement in which Wilferd was entitled to 50% of all product sales.

"There were no other products, no sales of wine, no stock in wine, the only money that was understood to come in was from the sale of the website — it's the only product in this transaction," Ray said. "The point of the website was to generate traffic and sell it."


Judge Grimberg said oral arguments from both Barsness and Ray were "major league quality," and he would issue a decision shortly on the defendants' motion to dismiss.

•  Ray & Counsel successfully defends against motion to dismiss, in FLSA collective and state law class action based The Hertz Corporation's alleged failure to pay overtime wages to regional branch managers.  See Snell-Jones v. Hertz Corp., No. 19-CV-00120, 2020 WL 1233825, at *1 (N.D. Ill. Mar. 13, 2020).


•  Craig Clough, Wine Website Turned Into Porn Blog, Fraud Suit Alleges, (May , 2020),

"Winferd's counsel, John H. Ray, III, of Ray & Counsel, P.C. told 'We believe this case advances very important issues of the scope of the ethical and fiduciary duties that partners owe to each other in joint commercial ventures, particularly in the context of dealing with protected classes such as senior citizens, who are vulnerable to potential abuse and fraud, as alleged in this case.'"


•  Ray & Counsel prosecutes and secures $223,868.40 judgment in adult industry performer rape case, in Doe v. McCabe, No. 1881CV03043 (Mass. Sup. 2018).

•. Christine Powell, Athenahealth Must Face Fired Worker's Claims, (Feb. 14, 2018)

"John H. Ray III of Ray Legal Consulting Group PC, who represents May, said in a statement Wednesday that Judge Gorton’s ruling 'is a substantial recognition of the rights of employees to be free from the unlawful and unethical demands of their employers under threat of termination, and in this case retaliation.  The decision helps to strengthen employee rights in the wrongful termination context, an area whose legal force has faced substantial judicial erosion in the past decade.'” 


Homechow Foodservice Enterprises, Inc.

NE Capital Group BSD, LLC

StrattyX, Inc.

Velli Ventures Inc.

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Direct Media Power, Inc.

Commonwealth Academy Holdings, LLC

Dinsmore Steele, LLC

General Contractors Illinois Inc.

FastLights, LLC, Inc.

Kidmoto Technologies, LLC

FSA Stores, Inc.

Cee Cee's Closet NY, LLC

Curly Girl Collective, LLC

Abridge Info Systems, Inc.

Benner China and Glassware of Florida, Inc.

Svelte Brands, Inc.

Proximie Inc.

Mainspring America, Inc.

Cutting Edge International, LLC

Noble Desktop NYC, LLC

Muse Paintbar, LLC

ValueWalk, LLC

Dvinci Energy, Inc.

Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes Foundation, NFP

Jukely, Inc.                                                         

Unique System Skills, Inc.

Urban Renewal Real Estate & Construction, Inc.

Medical Avatar, LLC

Patient Innovation Center, NFP

Euron Group, Inc.

Laughing Squid, LLC

Nahest, LLC

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Kyoku Holdings LLC

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