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Ray & Counsel offers special expertise in the area of Intellectual Property law, specializing in copyright and trademark litigation in federal courts, as well as trademark registration and opposition litigation before the United States Patent Trademark Office.  And while patent litigation is not a core part of our intellectual property practice, we have experience representing clients in patent litigation as well.  In addition to litigation, we advise several media clients and photographers in addressing DMCA takedown demands, responding to cease and desist letters, and generally in addressing concerns regarding potential copyright issues.

In certain circumstances, we have also provided opinion letters for businesses requiring legal analysis of their legal exposure to intellectual property issues.


Intellectual property litigation is difficult, and finding the kind of experience required from a knowledgeable attorney can be frustrating.  We have helped clients deal with various pitfalls that have created substantial, if not crippling, liability for other businesses.  And we frequently provide intellectual property law updates in our Journal, to keep our clients apprised of the transforming legal landscape of the federal courts as they continue to tackle the emerging questions presented by new technology.

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Trademark Registration

Ray & Counsel offers thorough, responsive and effective trademark name research, registration and examiner responses, as well as opposition litigation, where required.  The marketplace is increasingly filling with trademarked brands, and businesses are facing increased challenge to registration of trademarks of all kinds.  We have advised a number of businesses, and entrepreneurs, in this process, and are currently advising brands, both large and small, including:

Mikke's Retro Grill

FSA Store, Inc.

Tidal Bodywear, LLC

Euron Group Inc.


Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Valuewalk, LLC, et al., No. 16-CV-096171 (S.D.N.Y. 2016); Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Jukely, Inc., No. 18-CV-00605 (E.D.N.Y. 2018) -- We represented both Valuewalk, LLC and Jukely, Inc. in copyright infringement and copyright misuse actions involving photographer Michael Grecco, who has been a leading force in prosecuting copyright litigation, as revenues from high-end photography services decline, particularly in the stock photography market, and photographers are increasingly demanding exorbitant "retroactive license" fees under threat of federal litigation and potential statutory damages.

Commonwealth School, Inc. v. Commonwealth Academy Holdings, LLC, et al., No. 16-CV-10749 (D. Mass. 2016) -- We are still representing the now Springfield Commonwealth Academy in its trademark infringement litigation with the Commonwealth Academy in Boston.  We represented Springfield Commonwealth Academy not only because of the merits of this action, but also because of its commitment to provide private educational opportunities to racial minorities in the Springfield area.

Current IP Litigation

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