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Complex Business Litigation


Ray & Counsel offers special expertise across a number of areas of business litigation matters, from contracts, fraud and securities litigation, to intellectual property rights, and defending clients in government enforcement matters.  We handle significant multi-million dollar litigation, and partner, where necessary, with peer firms for larger cases, including significant class action litigation and defense.  We are a firm that caters to the business needs of small to medium sized companies that need affordable representation.


From initial filings, discovery, motions practice to trial, Ray & Counsel has significant experience in complex litigation across a wide range of legal matters litigating against large corporate law firms.  A practical and skilled litigator is fundamental to successful litigation.  We represent clients in state or federal courts, or in arbitration, on a variety of complex general or commercial litigation disputes.

Current Litigation

Securities & Shareholder Rights

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Holland v. Thiam, et al., Index No. 154930/2018 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 2018) -- We represented plaintiff investor in a international gold mining rights RICO and fraud litigation, having been retained as replacement counsel to prepare an amended complaint refile in federal court.  We are capable of providing the experience and knowledge of complex financial transactions, across state and international boarders.  The scheme alleged in this action includes defendants and interested parties in Guinea, China, the United Kingdom, and France.

Floesser v. Belmont Instrument Corp., et al., No. 1877-CV-00191 (Mass. Sup. Ct. 2018); BIC Holdings Corp., Inc. v. Floesser, No. 1877-CV-00316 (Mass Sup. Ct. 2018) -- We are representing corporate controller and minority shareholder in closely held corporation litigation, including defending breach of fiduciary duty claims, and merger appraisal rights.  

Breach of Contract and Fraud

Nichols v. Bar Nothin’ Capital, LLC, et al., No. 2017-L-012487 (Ill. Cir. Ct. 2017) --  We represented a hedge fund manger in a breach of contract action.  We regularly represent officers and directors, in addition to corporation defendants, dealing with the special liability issues that face individuals in the corporate context.

Oasis Outsourcing, Inc. v. Dinsmore Steele, Inc., No. 502015CA001625XXXXMB (Fl. Cir. Ct. 2015) --  We are representing defendant and counterclaim plaintiff corporation in defamation, breach of contract and trade secret misappropriation business dispute.  We regularly engage local counsel to expand the reach of our practice to assist clients (in this case, a New York-based client), respond to litigation no matter where thy may be required to appear.

Urban One, Inc. f/k/a Radio One, Inc. v. Dean Tucci, No. 17-7892 (N.D.Ill. 2017); Radio One, Inc. v. Direct Media Power, Inc., No. 16-CV-01867 (N.D.Ill. 2016); In re Direct Media Power, Inc., No. 16-36934 (Bankr. N.D. Ill. 2016) -- We represented debtor/defendants in three separate piercing the corporate veil, fraudulent conveyance, and civil contempt and sanctions actions, representing both the corporation and its principal officer and director against complex accounting and banking fraud allegations.  We are consistently engaged to address complex financial matters, which require expertise and experience working with financial statements, and banking records, regarding knowledge of reporting laws, as well as the ability to understand and trace complex corporate financial transactions.

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