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A core of the civil rights practice of Ray & Counsel is the protection of speech in the private and commercial context, including addressing issues of defamation of public figures, copyright infringement and Fair Use, and safe harbor protections.  Constitutional cases that implicate market economics, competition, and trade are complicated.  Principal John H. Ray, III has had a strong background in First Amendment doctrine, extending back to his law school research and writing.  Whether in dealing with private or commercial speech or intellectual property protections, the advice and litigation expertise of Ray & Counsel provides a measurable advantage to protecting all of the rights of the parties to the fullest extent allowed under law.

In addition to our substantial corporate practice, we represent individuals in First Amendment cases, and issues involving privacy and publicity rights, as well as religious Free Exercise and Establishment Clause issues.

We can assist in all of your speech, copyright, media and regulatory related needs.

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Ray & Counsel currently advises several online publications, concerning various entertainment law issues, including defamation, publicity rights, copyright infringement, and other ongoing legal and regulatory concerns, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and Communications Decency Act issues, guiding businesses through the complex legal landscape facing publishers in the age of the Internet, and social media. 

We currently advise:

Structured Media, LLC (film venture capital firm)

Celebrity Insider (

Laughing Squid (

ValueWalk, LLC (

Jukely, Inc.  (


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