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Mediation services are an indispensible part of alternative dispute resolution and the administration of cases before the courts. The RAY LEGAL CONSULTING GROUP provides mediation services to parties at all stages of litigation, including pre-litigation negotiations, for all types of disputes. Parties do not need to be represented by attorneys to take advantage of mediation. The RAY LEGAL CONSULTING GROUP, however, does not provide legal advice during mediations. We help parties translate positions into needs and interests so that they may develop practical negotiated solutions that address their concerns without costly or lengthy litigation in the courts or arbitration.

Principal John H. Ray, III is a certified mediator, and the RAY LEGAL CONSULTING GROUP provides quality mediation services, providing an expedited forum for addressing legal disputes through negotiated solutions in the best interests of all parties.

For businesses seeking to train their employees with diversity training or workshops, or employers seeking to develop antidiscrimination compliance procedures, the RAY LEGAL CONSULTING GROUP can be an invaluable resource. We provide diversity training and workshop sessions addressing the laws that relate to the workplace and situations that may arise in dealing with complaints or potentially discriminatory or sexually harassing conduct.

As a firm that practices both prosecution and defense of discrimination claims, the RAY LEGAL CONSULTING GROUP offers a practical and balanced approach to create a positive work environment and minimize corporate exposure to claims of discrimination.



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